Vending a Variety of Products


Model TCN 27 BOXES photo - Vending a Variety of Products TCN-27-BOXES
Patent technology can achieve a single lattice door self-locking independently
Suitable for selling vegetables, fruits, flowers, dairy products, etc
The new generation lock system, after making payment, the lock can be open automatically
Cool LED light, highlighting energy-saving display internal goods, attracts customers’ attention. After the purchase, the commodity place will have blue LED lights flashing, reminding customers to take away the goods purchased
Can be connected to TCN cloud server, and check all the transaction data via computer or smart mobile phone
Body material: whole steel structure, solid and durable
The grid door is complete PC transparent material, the strength and display effect is better
Support 3G or GPRS wireless long-distance backstage administrate system
According to the actual needs of cascaded Guiji, it currently supports up to 16 machine cascades
Various specifications can be customised with the cabinet’s refrigeration and heating function to support the sale of heating and refrigeration food
Generate sales 24/7
Minimal labour cost or rent business
Customise the layout for your needs
Stock your preferred products
Retain 100% of the profit
National service and technical support
High-capacity vending machines DEX port available
Front Glass Vending machine with cooling
Drop sensor system guarantees delivery
Payment system: Bill, Coin Dispenser(MDB Protocol)
Outside: H: 1940mm, W: 1168mm, D: 460 mm
Weight: 280kg
Working environment: 35°C, Humidity 75% (indoors)
Storage Capacity: Approx. 340~800pcs (according to the size of goods)
Cooling Function: Compressor refrigeration, 4-12°C (adjustable)
Rated Voltage: 220V, 50/60H, 38W/52W
Power: 375W
Conveyor belt option to replace spirals
Remote control by GPRS, management software
Bill acceptor and coin mechanism configured at the factory (MDB Protocol)
Signage wrap
Card reader payment device (Nayax):
  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • We ChatPay
  • Alipay