Model CP4500

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Two Cooking Modes
Bowl manufactured from Teflon-coated steel with a round base one set of spikes
One person can operate multiple CP4500 robo-WOKs simultaneously
It does not need a qualified professional operator
Each cycle will cook in 2 to 4 minutes for 1 to 8 people
Electromagnetic heating is fast with lower energy consumption
Induction heating is safe and not subject to fire or gas leaks
The unique structural design avoids accidental spillage
The CP4500 is easy to clean and maintain
Excellent 12-month warranty (where the customer specifies Teflon in the bowl, it is not covered by warranty)
Power: 5Kw
Voltage: 220V 50-60Hz
Drum: Teflon-coated steel with a round base one set of spikes
Spikes: One row 5cm from the bottom of the bow
Volume: 1.5L-9.3
Heating: Induction
Capability: 1.8Kg
IPX level: IPX3
Supplied with a 1-meter cable that needs to be connected to the air switch. as required.
Bowl size: Ø30cm*30cm
Dimensions: 470*690*700mm
Capacity: 6L (at an effective angle of 30°)
Net weight: 43Kgs
Gross weight:  65Kgs
Packing weight: 70-75Kgs (including crate)
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