Food Vending Machine


Model TCN MCS 8C 50INCHES photo - Food Vending TCN-MCS-8C-50INCHES
With a 50-inch LCD, video and pictures in various formats can be played.
The mode of sales is a fully automated elevator system to assist different goods delivered to the delivery port
According to international DEX standard, adopt international MDB standard design, and accept any international general standard design
Can accept bills and coins and give change in coins
A large glass window display can check all products intuitively and is easy to use
The size of the box can be sold more, and the compatibility is better, the independent microwave heating province space, the sale of the box rice capacity is more significant
The heating speed is four times that of the ordinary microwave oven
The microcomputer control system has intelligent data queries, statistics, accounting, fault diagnosis, and other management functions.
The size of the goods can be changed at any time, flexible to different sizes of various products.
It has the function of power loss protection and storage memory function.
Standard grating delivery inspection system.
Electric leakage protection function.
Ozone kills.
The powerful cloud service management platform can check each vending machine’s sales information and running status from the Internet anytime and anywhere
Generate sales 24/7
Minimal labour cost or rent business
Customise the layout for your needs
Stock your preferred products
Retain 100% of the profit
National service and technical support
Dimension: 1941mm*1100mm*1153mm
Weight: 450kg
Capacity: 30 (canned, bottled, boxed & flexible)
Type: 234-~278pcs (dependent on size of goods)
Rated voltage: Single-phase AC220-240V/50HZ
Temperature: 4°C – 25*C (adjustable)
Power: AC 100-240V 50/60hz
Can customise IC payment Alipay, sound control payment, bank card flash payment, finance IC payment, Wechat payment, two-dimension code payment, mobile phone payment, credit card payment, and other payment systems
Can customise 22 inches advertising /touch screen or 7 inches touch screen, industry computer or Android system
Human-computer solid interaction interface, and can use the customisable picture carton and video, etc. multimedia
The form that dynamic offers to humanised interaction operation. And can through WIF/i, 3G,4G etc. network that realises to remote real-time control update and issues the multimedia files.
It can be customised to provide secondary development.
Can customise accumulated slots to sell complicated shape bottles and flexible packages
Can customise surveillance camera, can set GPRS bulgar alarm system, support emote monitoring surveillance Alarm, propaganda video and other functions
Can extend networking function, can combine self-service network at any moment
The above models can accept customers’ non-standard modifications.