Combination Vending Machine


Model DV BXS 40S80S photo - Combination Vending DV-BXS-40S+80S
Self service convenience store
Can work with any series of TCN vending machines or can work independently
LED lighting, luxury, commodity display intuitive
Sell multiple commodities
Can sell a variety of goods and is applicable to a wide range of merchandise
 Power-failure protection function
Powerful cloud service management to check sales and operations
Can support GPRS remote management system
Heating, thermal insulation function
Can be modified to customers’ requirements
Generate sales 24/7
Minimal labour cost or rent business
Customise the layout for your needs
Stock your preferred products
Retain 100% of the profit
National service and technical support
Bill, Coin, Coin Dispenser (MDB Protocol)
Drop sensor system, guarantee delivery
Larger outside: H: 1930mm, W: 1080mm, D: 340mm
Smaller outside: H: 160mm, W: 240mm, D: 320mm
Working environment: 35°c, humidity, 75% (indoors)
Weight: 100kg
Rated voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz