Coffee Vending Machine


Model TCN CFE 22HP photo - Coffee Vending TCN-CFE-22HP
Easy removal of the cooling unit for maintenance or repairs (unit comes out from the front)
Has the most user-friendly interface (for easy programming & changing settings), pricing etc
Dex protocol for telemetry and cashless payment systems (PayPass, Android pay, Tap-n-Go, etc.)
Drop sensor system for guaranteed delivery or money returned automatically
90-degree door opening for easier refilling
Led lighting (super bright)
Easy spiral adjusting pull & twist (no need to remove tray)
ATM-style keypad for strength and reliability
Adjustable shelving to suit your needs and products
Generate sales 24/7
Minimal labour cost or rent business
Customise the layout for your needs
Stock your preferred products
Retain 100% of the profit
National service and technical support
Prevent Overheating Equipment: automatic power-off 96 ℃
Room temperature Bucket Capacity: 5L electronic cooling Irrigation Capacity: 1.6L 1.8L heat sink capacity
Bucket Capacity: 19L
Material Barrel: 4
Cup Quantity: 130 (6.5 —- 9.0 oz)
Sales Principle: high-speed mixing raw materials automatic transmission bucket mixed
Sales Type: four kinds of hot drinks, four kinds of cold drinks
Currency Recognition System: dollar & coin device
Advertising: AU 22 inch advertising display (optional touchscreen)
Display: Custom LCD Display
Control Mode: ARM control
Advertising Model: Loop (supports WMV, MPG, WAV, etc.)
Cooling Method: dual-chip cooling
Waterway: underwater pumping or external
Outside: H: 940mm, W: 540mm, D: 610mm
Weight: 115kg
Kind of Selling: 40~70
Storage: 400~600 (dependent on size of goods)
Cooling Function: Compressor refrigeration,4-12°C (adjustable)
Rated Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Standby power: 90W
Power: 375W
Conveyor belt option to replace spirals
Remote control by GPRS, management software
Bill acceptor and coin mechanism configured at the factory (MDB Protocol)
Signage wrap
Card reader payment device (Nayax):
  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • We ChatPay
  • Alipay
Chips 7 7 7 7 7
Chips 7 7 7 7 7
Chocolate 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15
Bottles 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Cans 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5