Model CP7000

Designed to enhance and expedite the cooking of up to 800 preprogrammed menus in significant quantities, and
suitable for schools, restaurants, takeout, hotels, inns, factory canteens, etc
Recipe mode Recipe mode is for automatic cooking, which uses recipes uploaded via Wifi or
Bluetooth, with automatic:
  • temperature control
  • adjustment of firepower
  • stir-frying
  • multiple step programming
Manual mode Used when cooking via a touch-sensitive screen that allows temperature,speed, and
sauce adjustments as required
Robo-WOK – Model CP7000
Fully automatic computerised induction cooking machine
Cook 0.5-3.5Kg in a single-serve in 15-20 minutes – feed 40-80 people
Automatically heats the oil, stirs the contents and controls the process
Automatically adds seasoning
Up to 800 programable menus can be downloaded via an app
7 inch, operating touch screen
Manufactured from 304 food-grade stainless steel
Real-time voice broadcast function
Induction heating results in up to 93% thermal efficiency
Bluetooth & Wifi control panel for communications
Temperature: infrared thermometry
Intelligent menu learning
One person can operate multiple units
Four seasoning nozzles
12-month warranty
Voltage: 220V
Power: 5Kw
Emergency stop
Width 700mm
Height: 700mm
Length: 1700mm
Bowl diameter: ø300mm
Drum Capacity: 6L