Model CP6500

Our robo-WOKs (WOK) use electromagnetic induction heating, are safe, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and have more than 9o% thermal efficiency with a non-stick bowl. It utilises automatic rotation to stir fry dishes, and the materials are heated evenly. In addition, the equipment is simple to operate, convenient and straightforward. A qualified chef is not required, and one person can operate up to five roboWOKs.

An automated cooking station can handle recipes made with any WOK, e.g., Noodles, Fried rice, Indian curries, Starters, Soup, Sauté.
This machine’s heat control speed of tossing/ stirring is automated based on programmed recipes. One can make up to 5 portions at one go.
AIC with Automated Cooking Technology is the best solution for food consistency at the least possible labour cost and instrumental in easy scaleup.
Features & Benefits:
  • Automated heat, speed control: No need for a skilled chef for making Chinese, leading to lesser staffing costs at the outlet level
  • Assisted cooking technology: Guidance on when to input what amount of ingredients so that any operator can cook excellent food as per SOP leading to consistency and reputability intern increasing brand NPS score
  • Buzzer notification at every interval: One person can multitask and operate multiple machines at a time
  • IoT connected machines: Change, introduce new menu/ Brand at all the locations at one go by updating recipes over the internet; Access reports for all locations
  • Manual mode of operation: Can run machine manually for experimenting with menu/ recipes Cost Savings
Labour Cost: Save up to 60% of labour cost at outlet level as one operator can work on multiple machines and manage operations with lower-skilled people
Energy consumption: Reduce up to 50% cost on energy consumption as induction is 96% more efficient than gas
Training time: Reduce training time significantly with the help of assisted cooking. Future Scope of implementation
Login ID for users and integration with supply chain systems a. Introduce Login ID & Password for an individual operator to understand operator performance
Integrate AIC with Automated Cooking Technology with the delivery system to link customer rating and operator performance/ SOP adherence
Integrate AIC with Automated Cooking Technology with supply chain systems and POS systems to automatically allocate orders
Make data-based decisions on new changes in the team/ SOPs
Build and save recipes with the help of an android platform a. Easy android-based platform to build and modify brand recipes
Reports for enabling decision making a. Get a variety of reports based on data collected from all the machines connected to the Kitchen OS platform
Warranty: twelve-month parts and online technical support available during business hours (where the customer specifies Teflon in the bowl, it is not covered by warranty)
 Power supply: Single phase
Power requirement: 5kW
Nominal amp: 16A
Heating type: Induction
Temperature variation: Room temperature to 280 °C
Drum Capacity: 2 Kg (up to 5 portions)
Food items: Chinese (Starters, soups, curries, rice, noodles), Thai, Indian curries, Italian pasta
Machine type: Table top model
Dimensions 69*49*55cm
Weight: 50 Kg
 Body: Stainless Steel
 Display Unit: 7inch Touch Screen Panel
Automation: Temperature & rotation control as per SOP