EcoFryer – Automatic Frying Machine


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Ecofryer is an 8L automatic fryer where food is dipped into oil and taken out automatically based on the prefeed SOP for frying. This intelligent machine is designed to get the best taste and texture for your fried food giving the best thruput rate and reduced operational costs

Motorised Basket: Place the food in the basket, and select the required menu the food will be automatically cooked as per the preset time and temperature
Double dip option for frying: Double dip is a unique feature that fries food at the first dip, and the latter dip is for a crisp and perfect golden colour
Sleep Mode: When the fryer is in idle mode for a preset time, it maintains oil temperature at a lower value reducing energy consumption and increasing oil life
Deep sleep mode: When Idle in sleep mode for a preset time, the machine turns off automatically, further decreasing oil consumption and increasing oil life and safety
Buzzer notification: This frying machine knows when the frying is done and gives you a buzzer notification
Three layers of Safety: Ecofryer has three safety layers
Primary digital controller

Mechanical cutoff

Continuous temperature monitoring
Float resister: The basket comes with a float resister, which enables unmonitored frying
Labour Cost: No need to have a dedicated operator for frying. The machine can fry food in an unmonitored manner, Save up to 90% labour cost
Operational expenses: Conserve 30% energy from sleep mode and 90% from deep sleep mode. Increase oil life by 40% due to automatic temperature control of oil
Training Time: Train operator in no time to fry food perfectly
Type: Electric fryer
Power supply: Single phase 220V AC, 16A
Power Rating: 3Kw
Weight: 12Kg
Machine type: Tabletop
Oil tank capacity: 12L
Max oil capacity: 8L
Dimensions: 280*600*400 mm
Oil dimensions: 330*275*200 mm
Fryer Body: Stainless Steel
Configuration: Single basket
Display: 4.3 Inch; TFT
Menu options: 15
Portions @ menu: 5
Heating element: Emersion coil
Max temperature: 200°C
Temp Control: Automatic
Preheating time: 13 minutes
Protection: Threelevel thermocouple
Mech cutoff: Thermostat
Visual display: Temperature every millisecond
Automation control: AutoDip and lift of Fryer Basket as per the recipe selection with Automatic Temperature
Double dip feature to get a better texture to food
RealTime Temperature Display and countdown timer
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