E-Pan Automatic Commercial Griller

Model CP9006

E-Pan is an electric automatic griddle suitable for preparing various products, including burger patties, grilled buns, sandwiches, tortilla wraps, flatbreads, kababs, omelettes, etc. Products are cooked at the ideal temperature for a time set, so there is no scope for under or over-cooking. The top and bottom plates heat to the recipe selected

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  • Automated Cooking/Grilling: E-pan has heating plates on both top and bottom; the fast-tracking cooking process gives the food the right colour and texture.

  • Regenerate frozen par-baked flatbreads, kebabs, patties etc. while keeping their original taste

  • Oil is evenly spread at the right temperature as per the recipe.

  • Teflon-coated pans make for easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Automatically ejects finished product onto a food collection tray

  • Variable pressure for cooking based on items to be cooked

  • The top and bottom plates are heated simultaneously

  • 2mm to 40mmthickness

  • Buzzer notification helps the operator multitask

  • As per SOP, butter or oil for grilling can be automatically dispensed.

  • Keeps fat in molten form with the help of warmers

  • Once complete, the food is ejected automatically from the cooking area

Power supply: Single phase
Power requirement: 2.6 kW
Nominal Amp: 16 A
Heating type: Induction
Tabletop model
Dimensions: 39 x 65 x 88cm
Weight: 60 Kg
Body: Stainless Steel
Display Unit: 4.3-inch
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