Dosa Making Machine


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  • Counter Top Automatic Dosa Making Machine

  • Use multiple types of batter

  • Make multiple types of dosas

  • Plain Dosa | Butter Dosa | Podi Dosa

  • Cheese Dosa | Masala Dosa | Paneer Dosa

  • Onion Dosa | Rava Dosa | Pesarattu/Chilla etc.

  • Up to 50 dosas every hour

The Fully Automatic portable Dosa Making Machine can use multiple types of batter to produce up to 50 Dosas in an hour

Rate Wattage: 3,500 watts
Output: 40-50 dosas/hr
Cost per dosa:  7-8 INR / plain dosa ( 5-6 INR batter cost + 1 – 2 INR oil & electricity)
Dosa size: 101 – 356mm
Dosa Thickness: 1 – 7mm
Electricity requirement: 220 V, single-phase, up to 20 Amps (min 16 Amps)
Power backup: Generator with min. The power rating of 5KVA and 220V as rated voltage
Batter Tank capacity: 4L
Oil & Water Tank capacity: 750ml each
Dosa output in 1 kg batter: 7-8 dosas
Pan size: 381mm & Teflon coated (27mm thickness)
Width: 70cm
Depth: 60cm
Height: 58cm
Weight: 64kg
Packaging weight approx: 80kg
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